Grabovac, near Plitvice Lakes

Today started in Zagreb with some light rain but fortunately it stopped just before we checked out of out hotel as we had to haul our luggage to the tram stop where we hopped a tram to a stop near our car rental company. We picked up our car and to a big sigh of relief we were able to easily navigate our way out of town. We took the main A1 toll highway south-west to Karlovac (toll cost less than $4.00 for 34km) and then headed onto a secondary road through beautiful countryside to Grabovac. Luck has been on our side so far as we were able to book a really nice guest house just outside of town. Our route is shown below.  Tomorrow we will spend the day in Plitvice National Park. Pictures to follow.

Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes
Our route from Zagreb to Grabovac, just outside of Plitvice Lakes National Park

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  1. Oops…missed this one…but following you “out of town!”👍 Which road now!?😉💋

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