Capetown to Stellenbosch

We’re posting this on June 25th, not the 19th as the blog indicates. I think the internet was sketchy on the 19th and we couldn’t continue and because this site remembers dates we were afraid to change the date because it warns you that all previous links will be lost. Not knowing if that will screw everything up we kept it at the 19th so….

On June 20th we departed Cape Town and headed North East to Stellenbosch in the heart of South African wine country and considered South Africa’s unofficial capital of wine tourism with well over 200 beautiful winery estates. Nestled among the rolling hills and mountains of the Western Cape region the area offers very dramatic landscapes, ancient Oak trees, art galleries and restaurants.




2 thoughts on “Capetown to Stellenbosch

  1. Yes…held my breath…Absolutely on board with Gord’s reply👍…that said…my breath was also captured yet again, by the beauty and history…in the pics and telling!

  2. i have friends from this part of the world..have heard many hair raising stories…bottom line, few if not none….i believe you were lucky …travel well/travel safe..gord

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