Umlani Bush Camp to Johannesburg

Umlani Bush Camp to Johannesburg via Mount Sheba

Yesterday we reluctantly departed Umlani Bush Camp to make our way back to Johannesburg with a one night stop at a lodge in Mount Sheba on the panoramic route and then arriving  back to Jo-Burg today at about 2:30 pm. The drive was very scenic and was quite similar in ways to the interior of British Columbia with arid hills, sweeping mountain views and then unfortunately as we neared Jo-Burg, a very thick smog of coal smoke from a nearby power station. We left 30+ C weather in Kruger and Umlani Camp to a temperate 17 C in Jo-Burg. We’ll spend 4 nights here, drop off our Toyota Corolla, pick up our Toyota TRAX 4 x 4 HILUX camper, do some grocery shopping and then head out to the great wide open for 6 weeks of camping, lodging, self drive safaris and adventure in Namibia and Botswana. Before we enter Namibia we’ll spend a night in Kuruman in the Northern Cape Province and then 2 nights camping in the South Africa side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Kalahari Desert. Once we enter Namibia we’ll have spent over 6 weeks travelling through South Africa.

Below is a pic of our home for the next 6 weeks.

Toyota 4 x 4
Our next home. Toyota 4 x 4 single cab TRAX, 2 berth, manual HILUX luxury diesel

4 thoughts on “Umlani Bush Camp to Johannesburg

  1. I just caught up with reading and photos! Beyond wonderful…truly beautiful! ❤️ xo

  2. Thinking about you guys a lot on this next leg of your trip. Paul says “have a great journey and check the watering hole before you go down for a drink!”

    Your blog has been so amazing!

    Tina & Paul

  3. just did a u tube each on your home on wheels..sweet..perhaps you could smuggle one back for me

  4. life sounds good out there in the wild…again I’m envious….tried to send an e mail but don’t seem to have an address…enjoy to the fullest and take plenty photos …i look for ward to dim lites and fotos and beers as you give your travelogue at darbies…

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