Brandberg to Twylefontaine (Damarland)

Brandberg to Twyfelfontaine

We headed north-west on August 2nd to Adabi Mountain Camp. Another beautiful camp along another dry river bed. This place was rustic with no electricity, outdoor bush bathrooms and showers and the flies were a royal pain in the ass but the scenery and location more than made up for this small nuisance. In the early afternoon we were waiting in the “bar shack” for our driver to take us to the Twylefontain petroglyphs, a World Heritage Site when a van pulled up, 5 dusty and thirsty people disembarked, ordered 5 beer and immediately we knew the evening ahead would be fun. They were a mixture of Spaniards, Portuguese and British and were the first group of people who we met who were engaging, funny, adventurous, laid back and liked a drink or two. Needless to say the evening pre dinner drinks and dinner conversation was a hoot. They were very nice people and we wish them well.

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