Final thoughts on Namibia then onward to Botswana

Namibia was an amazing experience for both the driving conditions and the varied landscape.

We drove 4,959 kms of which 80% was gravel, washboard and very dusty roads.

Each evening when we set up camp we had to dust off the interior of our truck, comb the dust out of our straw hair and shake clouds of dust out of our sheet and blankets. I don’t want to say this isn’t for the faint of heart but the driving conditions were very challenging and a flat tire or breakdown was always at the back of our minds.

We drove for many hours without any sign of civilization or other vehicles and were always in awe at the amazing scenery that rattled by. The days were hot and sunny and most evenings pleasant although some nights were very cold but a fire at the end of a long day warmed up the rattled bones and our bed was cozy and comfortable.

Our camp sites ranged from the very basic to basic usually with a nearby lodge serving up dinner and drinks. Most were in the wild with the potential of wild animal visitors. All were in spectacular settings and the star gazing in night skies was absolutely incredible.

It is difficult to put this country into words, the second largest in Africa with a population of just 2 million people all of whom were warm, friendly and helpful. One special new friend was made in Sossusvlei. His name is Fanuel and we met him at the Sossus Dune Lodge. He had an engaging personality and was always kind and helpful. He will do well in the future.

You can easily get lost in Namibia (especially because of the lousy map we had) but you also lose yourself in the vastness and beauty that passed by everyday of our adventure in this vast frontier.

Below is a map of our journey through Namibia and some road pictures from our iPhone. Please note the obligatory injuries that Joyce sustained while descending a rocky mountain trail in Twylefontaine after visiting the petroglyphs. Fortunately no bones were broken and it could easily been much more serious.



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  1. Catching up with you both! Fabulous commentary of your travels, experiences…as well as the photos…just incredible!😃 So glad you were ok from that mishap, Joyce!👍😘 Be careful, stay safe, and look forward to more of your adventures!❤️ xo

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