Livingstone, Zambia

We arrived in Livingstone two days ago on the 29th. It was a short drive from Kasane to the Kazangula river crossing which takes you a short distance across the Zambezi river into Zambia. There is a sight to behold as you near the customs office.

Backed up for literally km’s are semi trucks waiting to cross the river on a two truck ferry that will get them into Zambia with many continuing on to Zimbabwe. We were told they can wait up to a week before it is finally their turn to cross. There is a bridge under construction so this will obviously alleviate this crazy bottleneck. There are little bars and food kiosks along the road and surely many ” ladies of the night” plying their trade along this road and what must be a nightmare for truckers and their associated businesses. This is Africa and the infrastructure will hopefully improve over time.

Joyce came down with a bad case of food poisoning before we left Kasane and was on her last legs when we finally arrived at our lodge outside of Livingstone on the banks of the Zambezi river so once we arrived and Joyce went to bed I took a taxi into town to get a SIM card for our phone. What was supposed to be the best phone network provider in Zambia has turned out to be the worst and to top it off our lodge has so-called “wifi” that doesn’t really work. I’m furiously typing this portion of our blog piggy backed on the wifi of the lodge next door and have been kicked off more than once and have lost everything I tried to update earlier.

To make a long story short, Joyce felt a little better so we visited Victoria Falls today. It is the dry season so the water levels of the Zambezi river are low so we actually visited Victoria trickles! Disappointing and anticlimactic but we know they are spectacular during and just after the rainy season.

Because Joyce is still recuperating our stay here has been very subdued but that’s okay because the beers are cheap at the lodge bar and we head off on the 2nd of September to canoe down the lower Zambezi for 3 nights of camping on river islands and 4 days canoeing into the Manna Pools region which should be rich in wildlife and adventure.

We are looking forward to this next leg of exploration.


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  1. Spent 45 mins. this morning reading and getting updated on your trip. It was like sitting down and reading a great adventure novel (with pictures)! Hope Joyce recovers quick from the food poisoning. Your are both travel inspirations – stay safe and well!

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