Mozambique beach time

Dar to VilanculosA slight change of plans. We were originally going to fly to Dubai on the 18th but through sheer exhaustion of travelling in an organized group of people for 10 days we felt we needed at least one month of beach time to relax so here we are, Vilanculos, Mozambique, sea-side two-story bungalow, huge beach with huge tides, cheap beer, great prawns and very underdeveloped but we actually have the best WiFi we have experienced in all of Africa which is quite interesting all things considered. The owner has a good sense of humour with several humorous painted signs and a menu which is hard to decipher fact from fiction.


Frolicking beach pics to follow

5 thoughts on “Mozambique beach time

  1. Hilarious menu and policy listings! Looks wonderful and relaxing…enjoy this respite from all that driving, 4x4ing, bus trip etc. It’s been absolutely magnificent…but time to just rest ye bones!😘 Stay healthy!, and safe!❤️💋 xo

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