Mirissa Beach

After visiting Bundala National Park on the 12th we continued West along the coast to Mirissa Beach where we found a perfect hotel room within metres of the beach. Mirissa is not a long beach but the sand is soft and is lined by coconut palms, small restaurants and bars and various accommodation choices. November is the shoulder season when the South West monsoon subsides bringing sunnier skies so it’s not too busy here yet but apparently gets quite crowded once December kicks in. It is just the way we like it. We’ll spend a total of 7 nights here then it’s back to Colombo to prepare for our next little jaunt, the Maldives.

Chillin in Mirissa

Some final beach pics..


2 thoughts on “Mirissa Beach

  1. Chillin’ In Mirissa!👍I’m chillin’ at home🍷😉 A few days ago, but lovely evening skies, palms, tables set up with candles in glass (hurricane lamps, right!?) Beautiful! But what the “H” is that fish on your plate!?😱 Looks like a cooked piranha!😂😘 xo

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