Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


We arrived in Chennai last night (just barely) as our Male-Colombo flight was delayed 1 hour and we only had 1 hour to connect for our flight to Chennai but luck was on our side and the connecting flight waited for us and amazingly our luggage made the connection as well. Today marks 7 months of travel and to date we haven’t missed a flight or had any luggage lost. All things considered we’ve been pretty lucky so far. We’ll spend three nights here and are essentially using the time to organize the next month of our trip covering the South East, South Central and South West. Our plan is to hopefully end up in Goa around mid-late December where we hope to rent a bungalow or house for a month before heading north. We definitely don’t want to rush but we also want to chill and relax in Goa over Christmas and New Years.

One thought on “Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  1. Hi Dear Friends! 🙋🏻💕 Didn’t get “Lost in Paradise”😉, no lost luggage😃 or missed flights✈️…on a travelling roll, regroup, and relax!👍 In India now!👏 Look forward to this “Goa” round!😂😘
    Stay safe…Salut!🍷❤️ xo

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