Organized and ready to go!

Below is the route we intend to follow over the next 12 days. We have a car and driver booked and we’ll head out first thing tomorrow morning. This portion will primarily be a historical Hindu temple tour before we end up in Goa. We set aside 12 days which should be plenty as we want to spend a month in Goa and then really focus on Northern India where we have yet to travel. We travelled the south several years ago and I travelled through the south 27 years ago so our focus this trip is on the north. We start our journey in Chennai and have a driver until we arrive in Hampi. We’ll figure out how to get to Goa from there. It won’t be difficult but we need to book accommodation in Goa ASAP. Being a Portuguese Catholic enclave Goa will be very busy over Christmas and New Years so our fingers are crossed we can get something good for a long stay. Stay tuned for updates. First stop, Mahabalipuram.


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  1. Travel safe my dear friends and enjoy your adventures! Ahh a quick trip to Goa sounds good but alas cooking and rain are in my future! Love to you both.

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