Mahabalipuram to Puducherry via Auroville

We departed Mahabalipuram on the 2nd and made our way to Puducherry with a stop in Auroville. Puducherry is a union territory of India and is formed out of four enclaves of former French India. Auroville, “The City of Dawn” is an international community dedicated to peace, sustainability and “divine consciousness”. We’re not  sure if this is a cult but we had a great cheese sandwich in Pondi from cheese made from an Auroville farm and it was really good so we know they at least make good cheese.. The European middle-aged hippies riding their motorcycles in the area made for good speculation but we were really put off by the fact that we saw many riding their motorbikes, young kids holding on precariously as passengers, sometimes three to a bike and not wearing helmets. You wouldn’t do this at home, you would be charged for child endangerment but somehow all logic and common sense is lost when driving in India and, in a traffic situation that you cannot compare to home. We don’t know what they are thinking other than they aren’t. We feel sorry for the ignorant mother who will suffer for the rest of her life because of her stupidity. Maybe “divine conciousness” renders you stupid.

Puducherry Pics

4 thoughts on “Mahabalipuram to Puducherry via Auroville

  1. Well…divine consciousness is in the eye of the beholder😉…and you’re beholding it!😘 Nice photo of the little girls ready for “Communion”? Eclectic life and pics here and methinks too much of something is in the air!😜 Love Gord’s comment…I can’t stop laughing!😂❤️ xo

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