Yesterday we rented an electric motorbike and toured around the greater Bagan area and since we also rented one the day before after our balloon ride I’ll lump both days in together.

These bikes are great. Quiet and a maximum speed of about 45 km/hr.

You definitely need one to get around however the daytime temperature is so hot that you really only want to spend the morning half of the day touring around.

After 1:00 pm it is like driving though a very hot hair dryer so if you want to spend a full day an air-conditioned car is a must.

We were told three nights in Bagan (2 days) was good enough to experience the sites but we beg to differ. There is so much to see that you really need at least three full days to get a taste and probably a week to see many but certainly not all that there is to see.

The terrain is surreal with temples and pagodas dotting the landscape as far as the eye can see and each and every one of them, big or small has one or many unique Buddhas inside. We may have to have a section of “Buddha only” pictures.

March 2nd

March 3rd

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