Are Canadians too friendly or is the rest of the world just a bunch of ??

Sorry (so typically Canadian) but I’ve been meaning to add a post at some point, which is now, about the lack of common decency and friendliness that seems to exist in this world. Maybe Joyce and I are just too friendly but I’m confident this is why we have never experienced any negative situations among the myriad of people we have met from all walks of life from many parts of the world. We treat any and all people equally. We were brought up that way. No one person is better than the other regardless of your stature, wealthy or poor and your status in your community. These days it seems everyone has a giant chip on their shoulders. No one smiles and being the happy smiley people we are it bugs the hell out of us that everyone else seems to have a giant stick shoved up their bums. I just don’t understand it. So, here’s the question I want to ask anyone who reads this blog. Why are people so rude to the locals, their hosts in their country? Why don’t people smile more often? Why do foreigners treat the people in the country they are visiting like they are idiots? Why does everyone expect the locals to speak English (or Russian or German or French) when 99% of the time the local’s English is a hell of a lot better than what the tourist can say in their language? Why don’t people (foreigners) acknowledge each other with a nod or a smile when walking alone down an empty beach or street? Worse yet, why don’t foreigners stop to say hello and chat with the locals or at least smile and say hello? Is everyone so preoccupied with their “selfie moments” that they don’t have two seconds to acknowledge and appreciate what is going on around them? I feel very sorry for these people because they miss the whole idea about travel. But here’s the thing that we have learned. There are “Travellers” and there are “Tourists”. The tourists suck the life out of their destinations while the travellers revel in the culture, people and food that a country has to offer. I think a traveller treats the locals with respect while it seems to us the tourists don’t really give a damn. Maybe I’m a bit harsh but it sure seems that way and please understand this isn’t the case with many of the visitors but it is so glaringly obvious so often that I had to say something. Thoughts please.

3 thoughts on “Are Canadians too friendly or is the rest of the world just a bunch of ??

  1. Bravo 👏 to the “Travellers” and a big boo hiss🤬to the “Tourists”…not harsh at all…simply and truly disrespectful and shameful, to say the least!🤦🏻‍♀️ Well said and felt, my dear friends, et al!👍🤗♥️ (Any pics of “suck”-er punching the “Tourists” out!?🤭😘) xo

  2. I’ll never understand how people on vacation aren’t smiling, tanned fools (like I am). I’m high on life in general, bringing a spark to brighten my work day (colleagues and patients). And when I’m on vacation I’m even more extreme in my positivity and friendliness. So I’m appalled by the sallow faced, self centred tourists.
    Go home I say!

  3. must agree with all you’ve written…have noticed these people everywhere I’ve been….i do believe its gotten worse

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