Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It’s beautiful in PV this time of year. Facing west onto the pacific ocean and the Bay of Banderas, next stop Asia, you have a full western sunset and then an amazing western moon set. The moon rises in the east over the Sierra Madre mountains chasing the sun and is then swallowed up into the Pacific 3 1/2 hours after sunset. I’m not sure what the astrophysical term is but they are following an almost exact path from east to west. Very cool as we watch the moon slowly changing over the days from a sliver to a slice. Full moon is March 20th.


5 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Hello from Bohol in the Philippines. We’re the wrong side of the Island to see you across the Pacific. Have a fabulous trip. Best wishes Danny and Eve (India).

      1. We have just arrived. It’s the last stage of our trip. The relaxing beach part. Hopefully some good snorkeling. We are going to take a trip around tomorrow. We had been in Bali for 11 days. Before that Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. People are so friendly. We’ve had a great time. Laos was really nice would definitely go back and probably take in Cambodia and Vietnam. Our plan for next year is a road trip on the West Coast of America. Hope your having fun. Very best wishes. Danny and Eve.

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