2019 Travel distances

Between July 15th and November 15th 2019 we travelled through northern South Africa, eastern Botswana, much of Zambia, north western Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Ethiopia. We self drove through all but Ethiopia.

On mainland Africa we drove 7,848 kms and in Madagascar 2,448 Kms for a total of 10,296 kms of self driving.

In Ethiopia we had drivers and covered a distance of 3,589 kms for a total Africa road distance of 13,885 kms.

We flew 14 segments for a total of approximately 38,416 km.

Vancouver to Johannesburg via Toronto/Addis Ababa – 14,851 km

Johannesburg to Antananarivo – 2,140 km

Ile Sainte Marie to Antananarivo – 500 km

Antananarivo to Nose Be return – 1,640 km

Antananarivo to Addis Ababa – 3,230 km

Addis Ababa to Lalibela – 339 km

Lalibela to Axum – 240 km

Mekele to Addis Ababa – 506 km

Addis Ababa to Vancouver via Dublin/Toronto – 14,970 km

Total distance traveled by land and air – 52,301 km

The distance around the earth is 40,075 km.