A road trip through Western Canada with seven days of relaxation and fishing from a secluded lake cabin in the Minaki wilderness of North Western Ontario.

Cabin fever has set in, our waist lines are continuing to get larger and the itch to travel is getting severely itchy! Fortunately we can finally get in a little scratch.

After about four months of successfully flattening the Covid curve we can finally travel through the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as north western Ontario without the need to self quarantine for 14 days when we reach our final destinations so tomorrow we will head off and take three nights and four days to drive about 2,300 kms to Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s a long drive so the days will primarily be sightseeing through our car windows but we know the scenery will be spectacular.

We’ll depart Vancouver and travel through the Coastal Mountain range and then through the Monashee Mountains, the Selkirks and then the Rockies, descending the foothills through Calgary, Alberta and into the plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

It’s the middle of summer in Canada so we expect temperatures in the mid to high 20’s C with some 30+ days and probably some really good late afternoon thunder and lightning storms. There is nothing better than a good storm on hot summer afternoon on the prairies or lake regions.

We’ll visit family in Winnipeg for three days and then continue east and north for about 250 kms to Minaki, Ontario where we’ll park our vehicle and then take a boat transfer to our secluded waterfront cabin. There will be a few people in the relative area from four other cabins scattered throughout but it will essentially be us, the mosquitos, the black flies, lots of wildlife, the quiet and the stars. And some very good fresh water fishing!