Trogir to Split

Trogir to Split
Trogir to Split

We stayed on Route 8 which is a secondary, non tolled coastal route and continue to be impressed with the how nice and well-marked the roads are, until you get to Split. It was another of those “Amazing Race” experiences we’ve had so far where it is so easy to get to the town but next to impossible to find the hotel. We found the road our apartment was located on as we had in previous towns but in this case, the whole building where our apartment was located was covered in scaffolding so the address and hotel was not visible.

Split is the second largest city of Croatia and lies on the Dalmatian Coast on the Eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is linked to the Adriatic Islands and the Apennine peninsula.

Split is home to Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Roman emperor on 305 AD and has existed in some form through the Byzantine period through the Venetian period, the Napolianic wars through World War II to present.

We toured the palace during the day but it was walking through the narrow streets at night that was truly a magical experience.

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