Will war again cripple Mozambique? Nope, a false alarm.

Updated October 13, 2017

As you may or may not know, Joyce has flown back to Vancouver to spend some time with her ill sister Marilyn. We’ll meet up again in Dubai on October 15th but until then I’ll have spent two extra weeks here in Mozambique for a total of 26 days. It has been different without Joyce, my travelling companion and soul mate not being by my side. My hat goes off to those who travel alone and independently.

There are recent headlines in the news referring to the possible restart of the Frelino-Renamo war that crippled Mozambique over a period of many years. There was a truce signed in 2016 but just this week on October 5th Gunmen attacked police in Cabo Delgado and reports say as many as 18 officers were killed. Global Affairs Canada sent us an email to warn us about travel in Mozambique within some of the areas affected but so far it’s still safe here in Vilanculos. Fingers are crossed it doesn’t spread South.  I have a lot to talk about and that will come later but first some pics from the area.

Well it seems the potential government insurgents were just a bunch of bad guys shooting at the Police.  Foreign Affairs Canada contacted us again this time to suggest “caution” while travelling in the affected areas. Many police killed and not an insurrection but bad news none the less.



3 thoughts on “Will war again cripple Mozambique? Nope, a false alarm.

  1. Spectacular photos and update from far away, Grant! 🙋🏻Thank you and stay safe, my friend! 😘👍I’ve met up with your soulmate here😍…shared your experiences in person😃 met up with all the gals(you know us!😂…laughed, cried) but so wonderful in us all being together!💝
    Look forward to following your journey some more!❤️ xo

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