Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Really, what is so nice about this place? People love living here but you really can’t walk anywhere because it is too hot and too spread out. Dubai is freeways, construction, no green space, construction, sand and more construction and lots of big opulent shopping malls. I think it is a works in progress but I also think it is working to build an image for what will be a “post oil” time. They are smart to do this but to me it looks like a huge unsustainable bubble. Abu Dhabi is greener than Dubai probably because it is the Capital and possibly because it is more established than Dubai but like Dubai there doesn’t seem to be a heart other than the very beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

In both cities the building architecture is unique and beautiful. Small little clusters randomly placed in the desert. Very modern and space aged. They have the “biggest this and biggest that” but that is all. Biggest does not mean best. I think we are very spoiled living in Vancouver and Canada in general.

Abu Dhabi,Β  Sheikh Zayed Mosque



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  1. I can imagine it’s very unique, beautiful, and different!πŸ—πŸ¦β˜€οΈπŸBut…no place like green spaceπŸŒΏπŸƒπŸŒ², and home!🍁🍺😘 xo

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