A Fine Balance


“A Fine Balance” is the title of a novel by Rohintom Misty, a Canadian author and winner of the “Giller Prize” and nominated for the “Booker Prize”. Joyce and I both read the novel during the year leading up to our trip. It is an amazing novel that captures the cruelty, corruption and dignity of India that has surrounded us thus far in our journey through this country of contrasts. We highly recommend this novel.

“The human face has limited space. If you fill it with laughter there will be no room for crying”

Chaos, comedy and sensory overload have filled our days and we’re at the beach! The smells can be overwhelming at times, the air is sometimes hazy with cooking smoke, curry and car exhaust but the theatre that is India┬áis a show we are so happy and fortunate to participate in.

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  1. again a good xmas, etc, etc…what i want to know is if you got a tattoo from the place in the foto..it looks respectable….

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