Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha is a beautiful little gem way off the beaten tourist path. We arrived on the 23rd and were greeted by a clean, laid-back and hassle free town situated on the Betwa River, one of the three cleanest rivers in India.

Not yet spoiled by tourism, although they could use a little more publicity, the town is host to a supreme display of Mughal-influenced Rajput architecture. Situated in the Bundelkhand region the town faces a large forest reserve on one side of the river and the fortified complex of the Raj Mahal and Jehangir Mahal located on a small river island connected by a narrow granite bridge. On the bridge children fish with magnets.People throw coins into the river for good luck as they pass over the old granite bridge and the kids get some of the coins by diving and setting the coins up for their magnet friends to retrieve. Other temples can be found throughout town but the soaring spires of the Chaturbhuj Temple steals the show.


We stayed at the Bundelkhand Riverside Hotel which is owned by the grandson of Orchha’s last king. We had a beautiful room overlooking the river and relaxed with a drink surrounded by gardens as we de-stressed from another long drive.

The following morning we hired a guide and set out to view some of the sites this quaint little town had to offer.The artistry painted with mineral and vegetable bases last forever and and never fade. The art tells the story of the life of the Hindu history, Rama, Vishnu, Krishna and the incarnations. There is so much history and the 500 year old art is incredible. We are so fortunate to see this.

Raj Mahal and Jahengir Mahal

The Cenotaphs of Orchha

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