Chandigarh, Punjab/Maryana

This is the Indian city every city in India wishes it was. The first planned city in India, it was designed by a Swiss architect in 1950 and incorporates large tree-lined boulevards, pedestrian friendly walkways, traffic lights, yes, traffic lights, parks and a first so far, no cows roaming through traffic and a very welcome horn free (to some extent) silence and clean air. We have a great hotel with a very cool rooftop terrace/restaurant/bar/live music venue. It is quite chilly outside but we have a cozy comfortable couch in the corner and the music should start shortly. ¬†Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Maryana states and it was a comfortable 4 1/2 hour drive north of Delhi on a very good three lane each way highway. What a treat! We have a driver, Jaspul “just call me Paul” who speaks and understands English and knows the territory. Before we reached town he was on the phone with a travel agent friend, told him our hotel expectations and voila, we got a great room at a good hotel at a nicely discounted price. We like this guy! Tomorrow we have a leisurely breakfast (included in the room price) and then check out the sites the city has to offer. Until then we’ll nibble on some excellent aloo jeera, veg noodles and gobhi mushlam with some cold Kingfisher beer to wash it all down.

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