The Kullu valley extends along the Beas River which winds north through the Himalaya mountains and the road follows a deep gorge. The road eventually leads 600 km’s later to Ladakh. It would have been nice to go to Ladakh but the roads are only open from July to September. The drive from Shimla to Kullu took 7 hours to cover 250 km’s through mostly very good high altitude roads consisting of switchbacks, amazing scenery and pine forested mountainsides. The air is hazy so we haven’t yet seen the snow-capped peaks that draw the hikers and climbers to this area. River rafting is a big draw here but there aren’t any rapids at the moment so the area is quiet. We’re told that only 10% of tourists that come to this area are foreigners and the rest are Indians  So far it looks like we are the only white people here and I don’t think we have pictures.

Have to check the iPhone for pics. We must have some! Stay tuned



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  1. Photo Ops…coming soon with wifi!😂😉Love❤️and miss you two!🙋🏻💋Keep on truckin’…er…travellin’…with all of our blessings!😇🙏🤗 Cheers!🍷😴😘 xoxo

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