Okay so finally WordPress has defeated me. I did this below post yesterday from Dalhousie and then didn’t publish it so I thought I lost it. I did another post today from Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir State and then my iPad battery died. Usually when I screw up like this WordPress magically saves all the dribble I’ve written. Not so today but it did save yesterdays draft and today I was on a roll! Damn! So, tomorrow I’ll do a today post and today is yesterdays post which I don’t think was completely saved because I’m sure I wrote a lot more because I was in the restaurant drinking Kingfisher STRONG beer which tends to make me go on and on. Yesterdays post is below which I’ll add to in the next day or so once we have reliable wi-fi;

It’s really freezing here at 1,900 meters, 3 degrees and the thing that boggles the mind is all of the doors to hotels and restaurants are left wide open. This has been the case so far in the mountains and we can’t figure out why. The hotel rooms are freezing but they do supply passive heaters which pretty well do diddly squat to warm a small room.

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