Bangkok, Thailand

We arrived into Bangkok last night to 30 C temperatures and very clean air compared to most big Indian cities. Not saying the air is perfect but you can’t taste it and our lungs weren’t getting clogged up so that’s saying something for the air quality in Bangkok. We splurged and upgraded to Business Class for our short 4 hour flight from Delhi to Bangkok. No we didn’t win the lottery. For this flight we cashed in some of our Aeroplan points which cost a total of about $12.00 CAD for fees and taxes so the upgrade cost was probably less than we would have paid for two one way economy seats. When we arrived and not having our proverbial shit completely together (we hadn’t applied for our Myanmar eVisa yet and hadn’t looked after    some, shall we say, critical details to answer on the visa application), we gave ourselves until Wednesday to get the visa approval (typically 3 business days) so we booked a flight to Mandalay for Thursday the 22nd. We applied for the visas today at 11:10 am. Three business days would take us to next Tuesday if the Myanmar bureaucracy was efficient so best to be safe and there were no flights to Mandalay on Wednesday. Three hours later, “you’ve got mail”. Visas approved! That’s great and okay because we thought we had to and were therefore going to spend a little time on a nice nearby beach somewhere for a few days so no big deal. When we landed in Bangkok we both noticed a very large number of Chinese all throughout the arrivals area. Thailand must be popular with the Chinese we thought. Yes it is popular with the Chinese we were told to the tune of millions of visitors right now (well many thousands anyway) because it is frigging Chinese New Year! A nice little beach somewhere close? Not so easy to find now.

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  1. Gun Ho Fat Choi!(?)🎉🐲🏮⛩🐕 Happy New Year in Chinese, I think, and you’ll find a beach🏝 for some R and R…my very dear and very resourceful, clever friends!👍😘❤️ xo

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