So I Didn’t finish yesterdays post yet because I wanted to get today’s post done although yesterdays post was done today and talks about what we did yesterday. Damn! I wish I could figure out how to set the calendar on this blog site to more accurately reflect the real-time stuff I want to talk about. Oh well and any way, we had a great day today. As was mentioned yesterday (today) Mandalay is a very nice city and we strolled the streets and back lanes, markets and shops and had a wonderful time. It is such a cool place. We stopped into a store and I bought a new pair of shorts, high-end Joyce tells me for $21.00. Made in, guess where? Yes, China so maybe they are knock offs. I also bought the local attire, a longy, a men’s skirt but I really need to learn how to tie it properly otherwise I’ll be wearing shorts underneath which kind of defeats the purpose. I’ve worn one twice so far and they just don’t stay tied up for some reason. No one else has this problem but, no one else has a beer belly so maybe this is the reason? Probably and I can’t wear a belt. More pics of this outfit to follow soon I’m sure. We had a great day wandering the streets, meeting the locals and stopping for lunch at a little food stand where we had a delicious bowl of vegetable noodle soup with the locals, a couple of which were getting drunk on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

We left today open so we could wander the streets and arrange boat transport for a trip up and down the Irrawaddy River. Time was ticking and we really needed to get something organized. Yesterday our hotel did a little research on our behalf and came up with two options. A 2 night/3 day cruise and a 3 night/4 day cruise to Bagan but our dates didn’t fit the schedule so we opted for a private boat. We’ll meet the boat people πŸ™‚ tomorrow to finalize our itinerary and we look forward to a great river journey on the Irrawaddy River. 3 nights, 4 days with only the two of us deciding where to go and when to stop. Perfect, just how we like it!

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  1. LOL πŸ˜‚ Just loving it all through your words and pics…look forward to β€œRollin’ on the River!” 😘 Stay safe!β€οΈπŸ€— xo

  2. i do hope i am at darbies the day you return wearing your blue man skirt….everything looks wonderful..keep on keep on enjoying…be well

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