Next stop, the fascinating island of Madagascar.

We departed Johannesburg on September 5th for a short 3 hour flight to Madagascar landing in the capital city of Antananarivo.

We have a Nissan double cab 4×4 rented for 5 weeks, equipped with camping gear and a small electric refrigerator in the back.

Although we’ll be staying at lodges through our driving journey we have the camping gear for any “just in case” situations.

Below is our driving route with the blue colored portion indicating our flight to the north. After 5 weeks we’ll hop a plane from “Tana” and head to the Northwest for some much anticipated beach time.


Please stay tuned!

One thought on “Next stop, the fascinating island of Madagascar.

  1. Hi My Beloved Friends!🙋🏻💕 All caught up with you both on your last thoughts and pics of Africa!😘 Thank you for all the teeth-clenching😬, jaw-dropping😲, and just utterly spectacular and amazing read for me (from the comforts of home!😂😚) regarding your outstanding travels, wonderful stories-to-tell, and beautiful photos from the different countries you’ve been through!👏👍😃
    I’ve enjoyed and loved every minute of it🥰…taking in the good😊 along with, unfortunately, the bad!😔 Fair-thee-well, Africa!😍
    Now…Looking forward to your next “Road Trip!” in Madagascar! Ooohhhh😳…I’ve got a sore backside already🤭…Are we there yet!?😂😘
    Love to you both♥️ and my usual salutations and spiel😚…stay well👌 and stay safe!🤗💋🤗💋

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