Morondava to Miandrivazo

We departed Morondava on the 8th of October for another relatively short distance drive but as always seems to be the case, about 5 hours to cover. We easily found our accommodation, Princess Tsiribhina which was located right off the side of the RN34. The drive was uneventful, the roads were good and the scenery as usual was spectacular.

We arrived at around 1:00 pm and it was stifling hot outside. We unloaded our bags and wandered over to the restaurant for a bite. There were no fans and the air was like a blow dryer and the beads of sweat started to form. We had a nice chicken sandwich slightly salted from the sweat that was dripping off of our brows and we hoped and prayed that the evening would cool off. It didn’t and we probably had the worst sleep so far since arriving in Madagascar. We had a small fan in the room that operated intermittently between the generator being turned off and the solar battery turned on. It was terrible.

Surprisingly I still had some fluid in my body and got up at some point to take a pee. As I lifted the seat (what a gentleman) I noticed something fairly large disappear up and under where the water would come out when you flush. As I wasn’t sitting down it wasn’t an issue but I did have to warn Joyce. She had sweated out all of her fluids that night so in the morning I took a bowl cleaner brush that was beside the toilet and ran it under the rim. Lo and behold, a small frog jumped out but that wasn’t the end of it. After some coffee I returned to the toilet quite comfortable in sitting down. I flushed and out of theĀ  toilet edge popped out a much larger frog! He collected him/herself and proceeded back to his/her hiding place. We didn’t get a photo because, well he disappeared quickly and toilet bowls are not the best things to photograph. Nuff said.

We departed around 9:00 am the next morning looking forward to another scenic drive. As I started the truck I noticed the battery LED indicated a low battery. Hmm…

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