Konso to Jinka

Today we set out for what we hoped would be a shorter drive to our next stop, Jinka but before leaving town we made sure to visit the local market which is held on Mondays and Thursdays. The market is attended by four tribes from the area, the Hamer, Ari, Konso and Benna. Wild honey, fresh vegetables, shoes and of course the tourist souvenirs are the order of the day. About 500 metres from the market the men have a cattle and goat market where the real entertainment is watching the men trying to get their goats into slings and then hung on scales to determine the asking price. The goats, although fairly docile animals don’t particularly like to be strung up.

The drive to Jinka was scenic and chaotic as usual. The road is good for a short distance and then littered with potholes. If you aren’t negotiating the pot holes then you’re negotiating the constant herds of cattle and goats.

Before checking into our hotel in Jinka we paid a short visit to a local Ari village. The day had been very rainy so the walking paths were quite muddy and slippery. The village was quite spread out so we only spent a short time visiting.


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