Makarska to Dubrovnik


More hairpin roads, a customs border stop into Bosnia, a 10 minute drive along the Bosnian coast to a border stop with Croatia and a total 3 hour drive to Dubrovnik brings us to our final 5 days in Croatia. Needless to say (I keep saying this!), we found the road to our car rental to drop off our car but do you think we could find their office?!! The sign was about 24″ x 24″ and was located at the bottom of the building by the sidewalk on a very narrow road with no parking or anywhere to stop so we stopped in the middle of the road, put on the hazard lights and I set off to confirm that the tiny little red sign was indeed our rental drop off location. A couple of honks and Croatian curses from several not too happy drivers and we dropped the car off and headed to our first ever Airbnb rental.

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