We spent 5 days in Dubrovnik and about 3 1/2 days exploring the old town and surrounding areas. There are LOTS of steps and hills as in other parts of Croatia so we really got a workout over the past 15 days. We’re really happy we were able to visit several other “Old Towns”  throughout Croatia as several cruise ships make their stops here so the crowds around Old Town were huge which took away some of the enjoyment. To counter this we spent one day walking around the whole town along the top of the fortress walls and then spent yesterday evening exploring when the crowds had thinned out. We had a light dinner consisting of three beers, three glasses of wine, french fries and some chicken (Mc) nuggets. Total cost with tip, $90.00 Canadian. Typical of any tourist destination.

Croatia has been a pleasant surprise. Beautiful towns and country side, friendly people, the tap water is good and drinkable and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Our first Airbnb stay was great. Ina, the host was fantastic. From bringing us Turkish coffee in the morning and home-made cheese pies in the evening she went out of her way to make our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We hope our future Airbnb hosts can match Ina.

Farewell Croatia! Next stop Jordan.

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  1. Just caught up with you both…seeing your absolutely stunning pics😱, they actually brought tears to my eyes😢😂…so beautiful!
    Also reading on all your thoughts and comments too!😘 Salut🍷❤️to Croatia! See you in Jordan! xo

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