3 thoughts on “Amman, Jordan

  1. I checked out your funky downtown Amman hotel…really unique😉 and relatively in the heart, in the maze, of this city! Waiting for pics…Enjoy and chill some more!😂 xo


  2. Hi
    I just remembered to check your blog. This is fantastic! I’ll look forward to more updates and hope your guys are doing well. You are so fortunate to be able to share this adventure with each other. Cheer! Brant and Lorelei.


    1. Hi. We’re glad you had a look at it. It takes a little effort to keep it up to date and we need a firly fast wifi connection to do it but it is something we can keep and it will help to remind us of some of the smaller details of the trip. We’ve been talking about this trip for a long time and we are fortunate to ba able to share this together. You never know what lies around the corner and life is short. Just chilling in our funky downtown Amman hotel after a long day of exploring some of the north of the country. Cheers! Grant and Joyce


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