Twyfelfontaine to Palmwag (Damarland)


Twyfelfontaine to PalmwagArrived in Palmwag on the 3rd after probably the most bone wrenching drive so far. We’re surprised we haven’t had any flat tires yet but we passed several travellers who did. The driving in Namibia is an adventure in itself. You really don’t know what lies around each bend, deep dip, washboard and tight curves in the road. There are no towns or┬ávillages for hundreds of km to speak of. Just vast open desert, scrub and mountains. It is truly beautiful but harrowing.

Our camp was private and secluded and was located on an elephant path leading from a semi marshy reed and palm tree filled gully and to our delight, after dinner while sitting around our fire the resident old bull elephant wandered unannounced into our campsite. A site to behold. He was huge! The biggest we have seen and he casually munched on some nearby brush while Joyce scrambled to get the cameras. We followed him within metres and I was able to get a bit of video using my flashlight to illuminate him in the darkness. The elephant pictures didn’t turn out so just two pics of the palms.


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